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Since 1995 in the production of coaxial cables, meeting the demands and trends of the telecommunications market, Cabletech launched its line of fiber optic cables in 2019.

High performance for different applications

Cabletech's line of optical cables enables agility, flexibility and reliability in data transmission, guaranteeing the performance of your product or service.

From Brasil
to the world

Making a difference is in Cabletech's DNA.

Since 1995 in the coaxial cable business, meeting the demands and trends of the telecommunications market, Cabletech launched its fiber optic cable line in 2019. We contribute to an increasingly more technological world, commercializing our products not only in Brazil, but also in several countries. We have 4 manufacturing parks in Brazil and a business office in Hong Kong.

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+ 2 decades
of experience

Technology in service
of society

We live in the information age, which is processed by human beings and transformed into knowledge. Cabletech is proud to be part of this process, contributing to the expansion and continuous improvement of communication technologies, which result in well-being and an improvement in society's quality of life.

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Tradition and quality

Certified products and market reference.

Weather resistance

Reliability in data transmission.

Speed and stability

High performance of your product or service.


Cabletech is aware of the importance of the industry's participation in environmental preservation and sustainability actions. Thus, when designing its industrial parks, it prioritizes the use of intelligent systems to take advantage of natural resources.

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Optical fiber serves 79% of Brazilian municipalities

Brazil has 79% of its municipalities served by fiber optic networks. Anatel survey shows that, in 2020, there was a growth of at least 9% in the number of cities covered.

Light gyros closer to reality

An important step has just been taken to bring fiber optic gyroscopes to the market, a type of sensor that detects rotation using only light.

Tender for offshore fiber optic installation

Petrobras launched a tender to acquire engineering services, purchases, construction and installation of an optical fiber network connecting oil and gas production units in the pre-salt of the Santos basin.


Cabletech was awarded four consecutive awards from Small and Medium Enterprises that grow the most in Brazil, in addition to the awards received by the renowned Anuário Telecom. These achievements demonstrate the recognition of our continuous effort to always seek evolution, based on the pillars of technology, innovation and quality.

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